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Kickstarter 27 days left

AnkerWork S600: The Ultimate Companion for Your Smartphone

Qi2 Wireless Charging|AI-Powered Voice Filtering for Calls|16H Built-In Battery | 360° Sound for Music | 70° Phone Stand

$403,433 pledged
2,729 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

HERO: Best Carbon-Fiber All-Terrain Electric Bike

750W Mid-Drive Motor | 2.8KG Carbon-Fiber Frame | Up To Lifetime Warranty | Full Suspension System

$406,410 pledged
153 backers
Kickstarter 11 days left

Ropeless Battle Ropes—Portable, Easy to use, Super Effective

1 Device, 13+ Workouts! Elevate your fitness with simultaneous cardio and strength training at home in just 10 minutes with Z-ROPE

$301,049 pledged
1,993 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot!

ChatGPT Integrated | Biomimetic Behavior System | AI with Personality | 15W Wireless Phone Charging | Data Security

$518,838 pledged
3,578 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

MakaGiC VS01 Intelligent Electric Vise

Smart clamping | Adjustable intensity | Multiple modes | Expandable peripherals

$140,083 pledged
6 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Nukii: Your Unassailable Personal Data Protector

Offline Data Storage | Anti-Virus Read-Only | Disconnect Auto-Lock | Patented NFC Unlock | Server-Grade Memory | Remote-Erase All Data

$60,420 pledged
588 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

JSAUX FlipGo: Portable Dual Screen for Boosted Productivity

Magnetic Design | 13.5 & 16" Screens | Touchscreen | One Cable to Dual Monitor | 3 Different Types of Stand | Lighter & Thinner Design

$1,067,663.61 pledged
1,868 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Stepping Stones|Daily Caring For Your 2nd Heart

Recalibrate with Acupoints designed by Oriental Acupuncture methodology. Apex cushioning, energy return, arch support, sustainable!

$98,976 pledged
1,198 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

AKASO Seemor: AI Full-Color Night Vision Goggles

AI-ISP | Ultra-Low Light Full-Color | 99% Color Reproduction | 1640-3280ft Clear Vision | 4K Quality

$718,983 pledged
3,351 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Unlock the Secrets of Alchemy with Alchemist Ink

From spectacular color changing inks to dazzling glitter inks, these 6 mystical inks will transform your drawing and writing.

$21,625 pledged
185 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

MakaGiC VS01 Intelligent Electric Vise for DIYer & Maker

Smart clamping | Adjustable intensity | Multiple modes | Expandable peripherals | Large capacity battery | All aluminum alloy body

$138,179 pledged
566 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Morfone Ear Cleaner: Revolutionize Your Ear Care Routine

Deep Cleaning | 270° Spray | Multi-Mode | Temp Monitor | IP67 Rating | Auto-Collect Wastewater | Interchangeable Nozzles | For All Ages

$119,887.62 pledged
2,167 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

MagDisk - MagSafe SSD | PowerBank | USB-C Hub

512GB | 1TB | 2TB | 4TB - Read and Write Speeds of up to 2,000MB/s. USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 + 2400mAh Power Bank

$258,080 pledged
1,225 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

AroundFire: Most Portable Grill Table Fire Up Any Gathering

From the patio to the campsite, AroundFire does it all! Enjoy interactive grilling, cooking, and campfire together with a 30s setup.

$134,789 pledged
541 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Birddy Smart Bird House: A Breakthrough in Avian Observation

Bird Identification | Live Streaming | Time-Lapse | Instant Notifications | Bird Friendly

$343,684 pledged
1,414 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

DiveDrive: The Safe and Easy to Use Underwater Scooter!

Everyone should be able to see the beauty of the ocean firsthand. DiveDrive is your underwater companion for worry-free exploration.

$21,965 pledged
30 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Coat Hingers – Foldable Coat Hangers

Clutter-Free Storage For Small Spaces

$569,523.27 pledged
4,099 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

TiSpanner: a Compact Titanium Multitool always within reach

A CNC-machined Portable Titanium Multitool that combines a Bottle Opener, Tungsten Attack Head, Nail Puller, and Caliper.

$231,995.57 pledged
2,135 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

ARROWMAX M1 PRO - Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver

10, 5 Gears Torque, Smart Motion Control, Bluetooth, APP, BatterySwappable, 600mAh, OLED Display, LED, 60 Bits, Aluminum Case

$283,830.09 pledged
2,302 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

xTool Screen Printer-1st Screen Printing Solution with Laser

Reinvent Traditional Screen Printing Process with Laser Engraver, with Effortless Steps, Limitless Compatibility and Flawless Quality.

$1,115,109 pledged
2,639 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Artemis - Future Bow & Arrow Universe

Real Archery Gaming | Smooth Archery Experience | From Novice to Pro | Easy Set-Up | 600g Lightweight | Metaverse Possibilities

$277,977.46 pledged
1,543 backers

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