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Indiegogo Successfully Funded

4D Pack: triple your backpack & suitcase capacity!

The first top-zipper airtight pouches shaped for your luggage. Replace tons of plastic.

$464,237 pledged
1,816 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Azone wa-gu-mi: Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle Wooden Puzzle

Volkswagen Official Licensed Product丨1:18 Scale丨4-6 Hours of Assembly Time丨Tool-Free and Adhesive-Free丨Unique Collectibles

$27,614.75 pledged
316 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

FlexiLid Modular Set | Reusable & Food Grade | Bowl & Cover

Extend Food Freshness in Just 1 sec. | All-in-One Multi-Function Set | User Friendly Container For Home Kitchen Cooking Storage

$101,542.64 pledged
804 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Premium Book Light Frame Optimized for Private Reading

No more blinding, leaking lights! Make your reading downtime awesome with even lights in the dark —Magic Lighting Plate®, AwesomePré®

$54,004 pledged
262 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Kosmu Beach Towel | Your Summer Redefined

Our 3rd collaboration with Towel Museum of Japan. Soft, absorbent and seriously stylish beach towel featuring AeroCore™ Technology.

$40,057 pledged
305 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

FINEDAY 3.0 Aluminum Edition: Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Classic typewriter with a modern twist! Enjoy the sophisticated design with increased productivity via 4-device multi-pairing function

$59,643 pledged
124 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Lever Gear Edge XT | Retractable Blade Multitool For EDC

The Edge XT is an easy to carry, compact multitool that combines a retractable utility blade with ten useful tools for daily life.

$48,140 pledged
917 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

ShowerShroom Stealth: Catches Hair Out of Sight For No Clogs

From the Creators of TubShroom Comes the All-New ShowerShroom Stealth Hair Catcher Drain Protector That Prevents Shower or Tub Clogs

$45,998 pledged
1,035 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

JAKEMY - All Metal M-screwdriver and Mini E-screwdriver Kit

Metal EDC Handle | Smart 3 Torque Electric Screw Driver | OLED | 160 Bits for DIY, Electronic Repair and Home Improvement | Gift Choice

$238,171 pledged
2,791 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Flai – A 72 Hour+ Smarter Business Travel Carry-on Bag

No more baggage fees|Designed for frequent travellers by pilots.Your moving closet/office.25 features,RFID,Lockable and EDC pockets.

$76,109.03 pledged
337 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

LIMITLESS Backpack & Carry line by Graphene-X

Experience the most functional backpack and sidekick carry-ons ever built. Empower your everyday life and unleash your weekends.

$204,110.83 pledged
821 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

The Redesigned Robe 2

Dry off like never before.

$184,571 pledged
1,529 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Nuwa Pen | AI-powered Ballpoint Pen

Scattered sticky notes and paper? Digitize and organize your handwriting with Nuwa Pen.

$198,417.8 pledged
743 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Lucid ONE, Out of box & AI Planning 7DOF robotic arm

Industrial grade ultralight robot arm with open source magnetic tooling for AI control, Vlog, 3D printing, Engraving & Education labs.

$172,193 pledged
67 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

The Popsmith Popper: Reimagining Popcorn

A modern stovetop popcorn popper that elevates snacking at home to a fun and memorable experience.

$348,909 pledged
1,800 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Spider X1 Ultimate Modular All-In-1 Laser Engraver & Cutter

Extendable Y-Axis | Expandable X-Axis for Larger Formats Engraving & Cutting | Easy-to-Carry | Space-Saving

$511,677.08 pledged
715 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: Battery-Powered Ice Maker for Outdoors

200Wh Battery|Easy to Carry |12 Ice Cubes/ 5 Mins | IceBurstX Rapid Refrigeration Technique | Type-C Charging| Designed for Outdoor Use

$333,996 pledged
713 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

iFramix- Bring Old iPads Back to Life

Turn old iPads into digital photo frames/home cameras /clocks and more, with charging module and App, reduce e-waste.

$360,736.93 pledged
5,906 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

MYGRID MODULEONE Plug and Play Home Battery

Winner Red Dot Design | 1500 Wh | Easy-to-use | Bidirectional Charger/Inverter 800W | IoT | LiFePO4

$172,291.09 pledged
98 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

i-MANTA2: Make Your Screen Interactive

Turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen!

$32,453 pledged
317 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

Evolutionary Everyday Backpack l Montage

A minimalist, functional, and expandable design.

$507,329 pledged
51 backers

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