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Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Foldable Lander: Chair, Table/Ottoman

Lunar Lander & Origami inspired Furnitures - 1.3Kg/2.8lbs | Umbrella Size| Instant Deploy | Ergonomic with 10° Adjust| Recyclable MATL

$87,758 pledged
791 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Aiming View: Golf Aim Finder via Ultralight 3D Motion Sensor

Plug it into your golf club and swing with CONFIDENCE! ‘Aiming View‘ shows the optimal angle, improving your chance of better shots.

$34,272 pledged
307 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

Mirror Hotels: A Perfect Blend of Nature & Luxury

Hidden away on 55 pristine acres, Mirror Hotels immerses you into nature with 5-star comfort & ease.

$1,693,785 pledged
1,348 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Full-Aluminum Premium Tent for Your Wet-Free Zone

Dark Barracks: Sturdy rooftop tent for your rest & traveling in the great nature. Enjoy the comfort of private penthouse in just 30 sec

$44,293 pledged
62 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Campster 2 the portable chair for everyone everywhere

1-piece portable chair | 5-second unfold | 1.45Kg/3.3lbs | 300lbs capacity | Alu-frame | Embracing seat | 12" seating height

$1,729,211 pledged
14,245 backers
Kickstarter Unsuccessful Funding

Innovative Private Artificial Intelligence (Canceled)

TerminusCode is an innovative technology company based in Italy, dedicated to combining the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence,

$61,805 pledged
54 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Popsicle? Pop-cycle! A whole new foldable and slidable bike

A city bike smaller with a sliding body, folding handles & pedals, faster dual speed gear, made with eco-friendly die casting process.

$102,267 pledged
248 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Popsicle? Pop-cycle! A whole new foldable and slidable bike

A city bike smaller with a sliding body, folding handles & pedals, faster dual speed gear, made with eco-friendly die casting process.

$102,267 pledged
248 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

AIRLEO Duo Eco Air System — feel the comfort in the air

Revolutionize Air Comfort with Our Energy-Efficient Cooling and Heating System.

$133,461 pledged
268 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

CreationSpace Pro, the Most Powerful Pocket E-screwdriver Largest Torque among Same Size | 3 Torques | 26 Bits + 3 Drills | 7 Universal Tools | 250 RPM | Pen-Shape Design | LED Lights

$94,304 pledged
1,944 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

3style nail clippers V2

Say hello to no more mess. Nail clippers with clip catch control technology.

$35,962 pledged
587 backers
Kickstarter Unsuccessful Funding

KTOP Bike Rack | A New Horizontal Roof Rack for All Bicycles (Canceled)

Lay down the bike & carry it anywhere with a triple-fastener! No more low ceiling-collision or damage from bumpy road

$2,836 pledged
35 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Focusound™: The see-thru glass directional speaker

Invisible headphones for directional stereo, also a customizable picture frame for decor!

$301,342 pledged
664 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

ULTRAGLASS • stronger & lighter bottles with ion technology

Established benefits of glass meet technology, innovation & soul – making it almost unbreakable! The best bottle you ever had.

$279,447 pledged
3,904 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Hi Technology for Better Posture ?

Transform Your Posture and Say Goodbye to Back Pain with Our Innovative, Tested, and Guaranteed Product

$8,856 pledged
86 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

YEELIGHT CUBE: Customizable ARGB Table Lamp

Matrix, Panel &Spotlight | DIY Matrix | Music & Game & PC Sync | Dynamic Effect | Matter Compatible

$304,073 pledged
1,320 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded - VPN and Messenger in Once. (Canceled)

Wazle; Lifetime VPN & Messenger Acces Lightning-Fast, No Private Data, Encrypted

$2,530 pledged
11 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

WAVE Pro:Smart Portable Outdoor Pump with 2.5X Speed Boost

Outdoor Use &Family Backyard|Pump Up 3.7 SUPs & 8 KITEs|Time Cut by 63%|Inflate & Deflate|High-pressure & Cordless

$46,358 pledged
159 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

MONBREY - Wedge Era Inspired Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch

'70s Wedge Era design inspired watch equipped with Faraday cage and Japan-made mechanical calibre

$54,437 pledged
144 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Vesta Candle Warmer Lamp - An Aromatic Bliss

Elevate your home ambiance with cleaner fragrance and timeless style.

$30,858 pledged
77 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Benro Theta: the Intelligent Modular Travel Tripod

A smart, modular travel tripod with auto-leveling, an auto-lock QR ring, and more

$2,452,958 pledged
4,494 backers

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