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Kickstarter Successfully Funded

A new shockproof silicone shoe specialized for wheels!

Enjoy a stress-free trip with long-lasting luggage! Eco-friendly caster shoes are safe to use & effectively reduce noise from friction

$66,384 pledged
1,182 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Revolve Sofa - A Versatile Beanbag for the Modern Home

Versatile & beautiful, the ultimate addition for any modern home. Spin into a new world of comfort.

$80,837 pledged
256 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Nitecore SLB05 Modular Commuting Sling Bag - ILLUSION

The new "thing" for EDC:SLB05 - Urban Techwear Style.Take ILLUSION with you and experience style and convenience rolled into one.

$16,917.08 pledged
260 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

eyeSpa - Spa Massager that Refresh Your Eyes

Instant Cooling & Heating | Dynamic Pulsing Vibration | Fine Mist Massage | Smart APP | Moisture & Refresh Your Eyes

$199,318.08 pledged
2,207 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Bandibul: Make your LEGOS shiny and brighter than ever

4-color wireless LED lights let you customize your creations on a whole new level with NO batteries

$3,148.78 pledged
20 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

Superfood Latte: a healthy option for daily drinks

Boost your productivity sustainably with adaptogen, nutrition formula & amazing taste without sugar.

$765 pledged
16 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

All Weather AirPods Case

Waterproof , Dust-proof , Drop-Proof , Multilayer protection with Easy Cap

$9,208.58 pledged
168 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

100% Upcycling bags made of eco-friendly recycled leather

Enjoy a sustainable, high-end street fashion with handmade bags recycled from leather scraps

$2,202 pledged
60 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

SENSE3: No-Look Wireless Charging Pad For All Apple Devices

Free Position | 10,000mAh Power Bank | Universal Compatibility | Wireless + Wired | 3 Devices at 25W Output Max | Optimum Charging

$109,418 pledged
881 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Silver Tees ? Self-Cleaning Silver-Infused T-Shirts

Self-cleaning T-shirts made from pure Silver that keep you fresh and free from odour, all day long.

$88,938 pledged
734 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

iPiX: The Ideal Case for Content Creators

Take better photos with iPiX and step up your content creation game

$51,305 pledged
211 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

HiDock - Hybrid Work Booster for Productivity & Privacy

360° 5-Meter Speakerphone | 45dB Noise Reduction | Voice Recorder | 5 Ports USB-C Hub | Compact and Portable

$166,050.18 pledged
1,120 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 3.0 : The master of pocket trimmer

A variant wallet with two special skills, Rethink your everyday carry.

$23,562.82 pledged
383 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

PeakDo 7-inch mm-Wave Streaming Handheld Game Device

Full-display | 1080P 60Hz | All Types of Games: NS/PS/Xbox/PC | 100-Foot Range | Zero Lag | 60GHz mm-Wave | Long battery life

$49,018.75 pledged
177 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

ComMarker B4 Laser Engraver: 10X Faster & Deeper

20W laser power|15,000mm/s speed|0.3mm max. depth on metal|0.01mm precision|Portable & handheld

$466,858 pledged
69 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

Seewoods, The Most Revolutionary Sleep Kit

An ergonomic & portable 5-in-1 bamboo sleep kit. Perfect for floor sleeping, guest use and camping.

$19,546.37 pledged
3 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

GlamBird | Window Bird Feeder With Smart Phone Holder

Minimalist Bird Feeder to feed, observe and record your bird buddy directly from your window, up close and personal.

$7,580 pledged
83 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded


Sneaker comfort | New patented comfort technology | FREE worldwide shipping | Only European materials | 1 pair sold = 1 tree planted

$30,536.53 pledged
155 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

REVOXEN: 17-in-1 Standing Desk With Dock & SSD Enclosure

2.39 to 3.87 Feet Adjustable Height | Integrated 17-in-1 Docking | 3 Monitors Output | SSD Enclosure up to 8TB | Wireless Charging

$61,355.85 pledged
139 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

HILU: Natural Thermoregulating Sleep Blanket

Sleep better with the only pure graphene blanket that always keeps you at perfect temperature.

$834,777 pledged
2,088 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

A mysterious, premium incense with a history of a millennium

Relax your mind and body with a subtle scent of charcoal, agarwood and sandalwood placed in the elegant cloud white ceramic holder.

$2,086 pledged
12 backers

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