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Muscle Rail Board: A Portable All-in-One Home Gym

Stay fit anywhere with compact full-body workout equipment

179 Backers

DROBI 1: Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Non bypass coffee brewer

Less coffee beans, no bypass! Its triple layer mesh filter is eco-friendly and brews with higher density in yield.

478 Backers

NITECORE EMR10 The Best Electronic Mosquitoes Repeller

NITECORE EMR10 is developed as a heat-activated mosquito repeller combined with an ultrasonic mode while it can be used as a power.

277 Backers

Nitecore NE20: 0.1s Ultrafast Noise Compression Earbuds

Memory Cotton|82dB Noise Limit|NNR=26|Bluetooth 5.3|Polar Enhancement|Omnidirectional Microphone| 18-Hour Running |SPL=101.2dB|Earphone

291 Backers

Mars Green Planter

An intergalactic way to grow plants in your home|Experience the joy of planting on Mars|No need to water for a month|USB|App|RGB lights

300 Backers

Azone wa-gu-mi: Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle Wooden Puzzle

Volkswagen Official Licensed Product丨1:18 Scale丨4-6 Hours of Assembly Time丨Tool-Free and Adhesive-Free丨Unique Collectibles

316 Backers

SMASH STOPPER: Magic Universal Drain Stopper 6-in-1

First Universal Durable Telescopic Double Suction Cup Multifunctional Drain Stopper. Fits 99% of drains & mugs. Bring more Fun at Home!

688 Backers

MoveSpeed LightPro: 80,000mAh Power Bank w/ 130W Max Output

4lbs lightweight | 5X Ports | Portable Power for All Smart Devices | LED Lighting | Voice-activated RGB Light Strip

110 Backers

NEW LEXIO: The World’s First Poker/Mahjong/Special Card Game

Introducing 18 Special Cards for Western Poker and Eastern Mahjong! A Fresh Comeback for a Thrilling Board Game with Crazy Turnovers!

352 Backers

Magnito: The World's First Attachable Travel Mouse

Attach magnetically to your laptop or tablet for productivity on the go. Get ultra-portable, day-long comfort with Magnito.

460 Backers

REVENANT B: Restart Your Car in 1 min, with OBD2 & Pedal Cam

Battery regeneration in 1 min without any external power! A smart system diagnoses & manages the vehicle via app with enhanced battery

79 Backers

SØDE Design - Modern & Multifunctional Furniture For Cats

Beautiful handcrafted cat scratchers & hideaways for sleeping, playing and grooming that fit beautifully in your modern home

115 Backers

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