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The HyperCube Nano

Infinite luminous architecture in a sleek, portable, affordable form.

1,498 Backers

Focusound™: The see-thru glass directional speaker

Invisible headphones for directional stereo, also a customizable picture frame for decor!

664 Backers


One Man Guitar Band Made Possible. Multi & Original Sound Recording. Carry it ON BOARD!

398 Backers

Sec|Dec - Wide screen, high definition, touch screen display

Take charge of your creativity and productivity | Main views in full screen, limitless possibilities on dec(k)

636 Backers

Book NOTA. Work ❙ Creativity Liberated 2.0

All in need and simplified into one. A reinvented notebook organizer with flexible modulating features and magnetic binding technology.

1,185 Backers

Uniek: Your Portable Pottery Studio

Uniek's Pottery Wheel Machine Set - a modern take on traditional wheels to help you master the potter's age-old art.

2,139 Backers

DUOONE: 8K/4K Duo-Monitor Foldable 16"-22.8", Smart KVM

Dual 4K /2.5K@144Hz 16:20 | No USB Driver | Lag-free | Book mode | One-Screen mode | 500cd/m² | Adaptable stand | Maximize Productivity

238 Backers

The New Normal Shower Curtain | Your Last Shower Curtain

A shower curtain re-invented to simply be your last.

2,393 Backers

JAKEMY - All Metal M-screwdriver and Mini E-screwdriver Kit

Metal EDC Handle | Smart 3 Torque Electric Screw Driver | OLED | 160 Bits for DIY, Electronic Repair and Home Improvement | Gift Choice

2,791 Backers

Osotek HotWave Mop Vacuum: Hot Water, Self-Cleaning & Drying

Hot Water Mopping丨Powerful Vacuuming丨Dual Self-Cleaning丨Hot Air Drying 丨Automatic Water Refilling丨3L Large Water Tank丨Two-Tank Tech

440 Backers

TapFresh: Turn Air into Pure Drinking Water

Air-to-Water | 3-Level Air Purification | 3-Level Water Sterilization | 20L Per Day |Warm & Cold Water | Eco-friendly|Smart Touch Panel

448 Backers

Cyberpunk Mini Alley - Bookshelf Insert / Booknook

A fully assembled, high-quality handmade bookshelf Insert with a Cyberpunk diorama theme. Includes many personalizable addons.

991 Backers

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