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MODIplay - Racing Fun with up to 30 friends at your home

Amazing driving behavior - difficulty adjustable - from easy like slotcar/for children to demanding for racing pros

1,443 Backers

TEDPoP: World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Rooftop Tent

The next generation of the World’s Most Spacious Pop-Up Hardshell Rooftop Tent that allows you to make your own portable home anywhere!

691 Backers

PODMKR - Grind your own Coffee Pods

Create delicious coffee pods with a single push of a button & say goodbye to single-use pods forever. Save money | Save the planet

4,341 Backers

Degrii Zima Pro – Ultrasonic Radar Cordless Pool Cleaner

Ultrasonic Smart Mapping | Triple-Drive Motors | Floating Battery Pack | Climbs & Cleans Walls & Stairs | Remote App Control

639 Backers

Spider X1 Ultimate Modular All-In-1 Laser Engraver & Cutter

Extendable Y-Axis | Expandable X-Axis for Larger Formats Engraving & Cutting | Easy-to-Carry | Space-Saving

715 Backers

8000Kicks | The waterproof HEMP backpacks

Introducing the Everyday hemp backpacks by 8000Kicks, waterproof and durable for the weekend, stylish and minimalist for the week.

405 Backers

Canairi® — Fresh Air Monitor™

A CO2-monitor designed to improve the indoor air quality of your home

3,299 Backers

CarbonFit – The Clear and Smart Rectangular Wiper Revolution

For sharper, cleaner wiping. Achieve glass like never before with our front & rear CNT & graphene-boosted rectangular wipers.

4,142 Backers

KIMBLADE NANO: Wiper blade solution completed by Nanotech.

Reinvented wiper blade reinforced by Carbon Nanotube & Graphene. Never mind wipers until you buy the next car! [3rd Generation]

3,429 Backers

KIMBLADE: Space 4.0 | High-Performance Non-Disposable Wiper

Just69. | Nano-Tech Windshield Care Set + 4 bar linkage Rectangular Wiper | 4th Gen. Secret Edge | Space Edition Colors

4,172 Backers


Honoring NASA’s Mars Mission

579 Backers

MEAZOR 3D - Future Laser Measure

6-in-1 | 40m Multi-room Scan | Export to CAD | 3D Obstacle Avoidance | 2mm Precision | 3 Apps Integration

1,174 Backers

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