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Indiegogo Successfully Funded

B-2 Nano Blade World's Smallest Pocket Knife EDC

Best Concealed Carry Pocket Knife for Everyday Carry - Lifetime Warranty - Urban Survival.

$455,659 pledged
2,025 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

Knops - The volume button for your ears

What if you could adjust the volume of life itself? Turn down or turn up. Anytime, anywhere.

$627,936 pledged
3,372 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

OYO Personal Gym - All In One Portable Gym

Workout Anywhere, Anytime! Proven NASA resistance technology used on Space Station replaces weights.

$1,016,197 pledged
2,081 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

The Everlast Notebook

One smart, reusable notebook to last the rest of your life? That's not magic, that's the Everlast.

$2,766,722 pledged
14,206 backers
Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Font Awesome 5

Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!

$1,076,960 pledged
35,550 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

BodyBoss 2.0: 1st Home Gym You Can Take Anywhere

Simulate thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment in one concept. Pair it with app for workouts!

$1,995,323 pledged
7,139 backers
Indiegogo Successfully Funded

Luuup Litter Box - The Best Cat Litter Box Ever

Our ingenious three sifting tray litter system is the smartest, cleanest and last litter box ever.

$2,714,229 pledged
26,360 backers

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